Frequenting the mysterious shadows of the 17th Century, plague doctors disguised their identity behind bird-like perfumed masks filled with aromatic herbs such as juniper, mint, rose petals and exotic spices like cinnamon and myrrh. With this crow-like appearance, these mystical doctors embraced the traditions of masquerade, hiding their true identity, man or woman.

Plague doctors relied on the innate power of botanicals both as protective talismans and as a source of natural healing. Passed down through the centuries, herbal lore and natural witchcraft are still important to those who practice the alchemy of distillation, the ancient art of creating medicinal tonics from plant-based ingredients.

At Holland Road, we embrace the traditions of these ancient practices, sourcing natural botanicals long used for their protective qualities. We then employ a delicate combination of art and science to steep, macerate and vapour infuse these botanicals with locally produced organic teas, wines, honeys and fruits that contain natural flavonoids and antioxidants to create truly unique gins with a contemporary twist.

We are proud of the fact that each bottle of gin we produce is meticulously hand crafted, bottled and labelled in Eureka, New Zealand. The distinctive artwork and magical symbols in our label are a tribute to the ancient healers whose folk medicine pioneered modern distillation practices and a reflection of the passion that goes into each batch of our premium gin.