Holland Road Negroni


Holland Road


Holland Road


1 oz (30ml) Wild Ginseng & Manuka Honey Gin
1 oz (30ml) Aperol
1 oz (30ml) Cynar


Charred Dehydrated Orange Wheel


Take a dehydrated orange wheel and hold it with tweezers. Use a butane torch or lighter to char burn the orange wheel on both sides. Set it aside. If you don't have dehydrated orange wheels, just use a freshly sliced orange wheel without char burning it.

Combine ingredients in a cocktail mixing glass. Add a scoop of ice to the mixing glass and stir continuously for 20-30 secs. Add a large single ice cube into a single rocks glass. Strain the drink into the glass over the ice cube and then lay the orange wheel on top of the ice cube to garnish.