Lemonade Sav


Holland Road


Holland Road


2 oz (60ml) Sauvignon Blanc & Geen Tea Gin
120ml-150ml Premium Natural Lemonade


Thick, fresh lime wheel placed in the bottom of the glass


Push a thick, oversized freshly cut lime wheel into the bottom of a Monaco or Pilsener glass. Use a muddler to gently release the lime juice without mashing the lime and then pack the glass to the top with ice. Pour the gin into the glass followed by the Lemonade. Gently stir once or twice without disturbing the fresh lime at the bottom of the glass.


Premium lemonades such as StrangeLove Fancy Lemonade, Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade or Bundaberg Traditional Lemonade are perfect for this popular summer drink. For a sweeter and more effervescent drink, try Sprite!